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A warm welcome to Lowenek Art Studio, my name is Pippa. Previously a secondary school art teacher I  returned home to Cornwall in January 2021 and have set up a studio in the barn on my parents farm. Here I have created a fun, calm and relaxing environment where I teach workshops and create my own pottery and paintings. I chose the name Lowenek which means joyful in Cornish as I hope that is what this studio will be for anyone who comes.

Sea inspired pottery and paintings..
Handmade in Cornwall

My pottery is handmade by myself using either the wheel or built using slab and coil techniques. I then  bisque fire my pots in an electric kiln before adding glaze. The majority of the glazes I create myself from raw materials. Glazing is for me one of the most exciting parts of the process, I love opening the kiln to see  what magic has occurred.  

Before I discovered pottery I had been painting the sea and landscape for many years. The colours of the sea found in my paintings have naturally translated across into my ceramics.



I run a range of different workshops including set one off workshops making flower jugs and vases where you can come along as an individual or bring a friend.

I also offer half day workshops for small groups up to 6 people, on these I have lots of inspiration and will guide you along the way to creating your vision of perhaps that jug, lamp stand, sieve, yarn bowl, whatever it is you have always wanted to create! 

I also run some longer evening courses for anyone wanting to to see the whole process and learn a few more techniques!

Finally I am now starting to offer throwing sessions either one-to-one or split between two people, aimed at beginners.

Workshop Reviews


Fiona and Rachel

Just wanted to say thank you for such great time in your lovely relaxing studio space. Everything was very well organised and your tuition and guidance was super. Your encouragement to experiment too was much appreciated! Looking forward to a return visit! 


Mo, Di, Beth and Emily

Lovely studio and great inspiration around through books and exemplars to give lots of ideas. Excellent teaching, the demo was was the right length in nice bite size chunks, with enough time to finish our pots.


Simon, Phoebe and Dan

We had a lot  of fun at Lowenek Art Studio! Pippa provided excellent guidance, support and teaching during the class. We'd never done pottery before the class but feel inspired to try again because of it!

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